Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel (EPUB, PDF Download)Name of eBook: Dangerous Games: A Novel
Author: Danielle Steel
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Thrillers › Political
Available Download Formats: ePub

The «Dangerous Games: A Novel» by Danielle Steel Review and Quotes: This is a story of corrupt politicians, justice, ambition, dedication, and passion. Danielle Steel is back with a thrilling and riveting new bestseller that will grab your attention from the very first page. Alix is a rough-tough TV correspondent who’s obsessed with bringing the truth to people and is not afraid to dodge bullets and deal with all kinds of crazy dictators, tyrants, and autocrats.

She’s covering everything from unrest in Iran to riots in the United States. She’s working with an ex-SEAL, Ben – he’s her cameraman – and together they’re trying to make a difference. Her latest assignment is probably the most dangerous one yet and it allows her access to the most scandalous story that will touch the lives of millions of folks around the globe, including her own.

Clark, the VP of America, is the one she needs to investigate. Alix begins her inquiry with Olympia, a fragile, modest and honest woman, the widow or the country’s favorite senator. The reporter thinks that this lady will be the key to exposing Clark and showing the whole world who he really is. Now, the senator was about to become the next president of the United States, but a killer put a bullet in him and forever changed history.

Since her husband’s tragic death, Olympia has been getting closer and closer to the Vice President, the man who supports her 24/7 and wanted to marry her a while back. And when Alix digs deeper, trying to find the man’s flaws, feds start to send her all kinds of threats. The stakes are higher than ever, and Alix won’t be able to pull this one off without Ben’s help. Soon, they’ll learn that their enemy is stronger and meaner than they could ever imagine.