The Dom's Virgin A Dark Billionaire Romance by Penelope BloomName of eBook: The Dom’s Virgin: A Dark Billionaire Romance
Author: Penelope Bloom
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Thrillers › Romance book
Available Download Formats: ePub
The «The Dom’s Virgin: A Dark Billionaire Romance» by Penelope Bloom Review and Quotes: Brianne is out of her mind, and, even though she knows that it sounds stupid, insane, irresponsible and dangerous, she still wants to go with it. Jackson is practically the sexiest man on planet Earth and women are constantly throwing themselves at him. He looks like a demi-god and no girl in the world can stay calm when he’s around.

But to Brianne, he’s just the moron who was crazy enough to reject her fantastic book, and all she’s looking for is a fair chance to tell him that he sucks and that he’s a jerk for not giving her the chance she most certainly deserves. That’s it! Well, for the most part. The thing is – her roommate keeps telling her to make him spend a night with her. That would give her more than enough experience to write at least half of the book.

Besides, she’ll get to enjoy his company, which is quite a “royal treatment”. But Jackson is no fool and he wants more than just a dirty night with her – he wants a full month. Furthermore, he wants her to officially sign a contract that says she’s willingly giving herself up to him. Sounds pretty ridiculous, right? Maybe, but something’s making Brianne say yes and become the closest thing to the heroine of her own novels.

What’s the alternative? To reject him and to go on living her boring, uneventful life. That might be a hard decision for some girls, but not for Brianne. She likes the thrill of the unknown, and Jackson is her ticket to the pedestal…The Dom’s Virgin is a BDSM erotic novel that features a billionaire bad-boy and a sassy young woman. This is a standalone masterpiece from the lovely Penelope Bloom for the fans of the genre.

This item is no longer available on EPUBLIB as we received request for deletion from copy right holder 


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