The Sixth Window by Rachel AbbottName of eBook: The Sixth Window
Author: Rachel Abbott
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Thrillers › Mystery & Crime

The «The Sixth Window» by Rachel Abbott Review and Quotes: The greatest psychological thrillers out there tend to drive you crazy sometimes and linger on long after you put ’em down. Now, if you’re a big fan of the genre and want to dive into a thrilling, haunting experience, The Sixth Window will be just the perfect pick for you. The tension is ever-growing, and the fine mix of suspense and a fast-paced narrative will glue you to your seat.

Natalie had been grieving her husband’s tragic death for 1.5 years: he died in a horrifying hit-and-run accident, but now it’s time for her to finally move on and enjoy life again. She’s found love and support in Ed – Bernie’s best bud – and moved into his house, along with Scarlett, her teenage daughter. However, she soon starts to realize that the man has a pretty dark side and that he’s a dangerous psycho that she needs to protect her baby from – by any means necessary.

Natalie feels threatened by him, so, she grabs Scarlett and practically runs away from Edward, the men she fell for. They move to a new home, but it seems to be just as scary and hazardous as the previous one. Douglas, a detective chief inspector, is trying to crack a case that he’s been working on for a while, and his investigation brings him to Nat and her daughter.

He’s hoping to get there in time and to protect her from the trouble, but what if he fails to save them? What if the truth will get them first and/or forever ruin their lives? Scarlett won’t be the first girl who took her own life…The Sixth Window is a highly addictive, gripping and extremely tense mystery thriller/psychological tale that will make you hide under the bed sheets and read on until the break of dawn.


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