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«Cutting for Stone» by Abraham Verghese is a dimensional novel. Volume not even on the number of pages, and the number of topics covered. Here, family happiness, death, politics, illness, betrayal, medicine, African color, social issues, cuisine, friendship and so forth…

Some of the scenes and descriptions shudder for his cruelty, savagery and ignorance. And some are forced to admire and even envy. Some heroes are so close, that they forget about continents, cultures, and peoples. And some will cause resentment, maybe even rage of the reader and the wounds in the hearts of other characters.

Speaking of heroes.. a Narrative by one of the Siamese twins, separated at birth. For these children, the birth was a victory. They seem to be in the beginning won a major battle, the battle for life with his own father, and mother, too. Shiva and Marion are like two halves of a whole. This book describes the perfect of the twins, close, understood each other, complement each other. Up to a point. No matter how externally and internally two people are similar they are still different and each is unique. Here the reader after idyll meets with this difference, far from each other and, eventually, conflict. And at what point it seems like the only thing that unites these two boys is family.

Speaking of family… family here are exceptional, so which not everyone will dare. This is not universally accepted ideal – there is no usual met, fell in love,had children and lived happily ever after. Family here is a compromise, it is a courage and maturity is such a strong love, it is love and respect for each other. Here is a perfect years family. And of course, accompanying this happiness.

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