Big Little Lies by Liane MoriartyIn the book «Big Little Lies» by Liane Moriarty the three main heroines. Three completely different women who have their secrets and family secrets. Jane is a single mother to a five year old son ziggy decides to change her life for the better and so she gathered all things into suitcases and moved to a small town on the coast. Where her son goes to school Parriwi where there are certain rules and everything is run by moms, obsessed with their children.

Taking your child to school, young Jane meets Madeline, which recently turned forty. And she in turn introduces his friend Celeste – a beautiful, charming and rich girl at first glance it seems that all is well. Three absolutely different women come together and soon become close friends. Very interesting, unpredictable book that will be understandable to almost everyone.

Here, in addition to school, murder there are so many hidden hints of innuendo that are confusing and do not allow to come nearer to a solution. Also to the readers of the great impression the story of Celeste. Sometimes for a beautiful appearance and wealth hides a heavy, difficult fate. For luxury and perfectly decorated house hides a terrible secret that Celeste is unable to tell anyone. No, she may tell others about it, but it doesn’t turn out well for her. For a while, Celeste suffers and leads a natural life, showing others that she and her husband are all well.

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