The 5 Love Languages by Gary ChapmanAs a good manual, the book «The 5 Love Languages» by Gary Chapman is written in a rational language. Knocks marriage or stalled relationship? Open the section «possible problems and how to fix them» and go. Love is a conscious choice of Homo sapiens, says Dr. Chapman. Deciding to love your partner, we can learn his love language that will help to Express this same love is for the partner method. Languages, actually five, not counting dialects.

The key point is the desire to speak a «foreign» language. In other words, love is not when you bring Slippers to my husband. And when you WANT to bring, because he cares. As for the emotional storms, sparks, “butterflies in the stomach” and other chemicals – so this is love, will be held in two years, promises the author, not to be confused with Mature love. So if the instruction manual is your genre, this book surely you will like. It is logical and practical.

Incorrigible romantics is also recommended as a sobering means. Helpful for parents – kids have the same language of love. Relations with children is addressed in one Chapter, she’s the one I liked the most. The author cites many examples from his practice. Of course, positive. Like most psychologists, Gary Chapman writes boring, repeating the same thing several times.

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