The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem«The Fortress of Solitude» by Jonathan Lethem is a wonderful and poignant book. Tells about the formation and development of one of the districts of Brooklyn: the people living in it, from an early age to comprehend racial differences; about drug addiction and rampant crime, graffiti, prisons, corrupt police and sinning preachers. The book is about art, and most importantly – about being alone. The story is on behalf of Dylan Abdasa is the only white boy in the neighborhood, an eccentric whose mother decided not to send him to a private school along with other white… but children are more cruel than adults, and are much more sensitive to humiliation.

Mother was gone, and the “black” school left. And the father just closed his Studio. Relations between the white father and white son in a world of black in the novel paid a lot of attention. Himself Dylan – boy is unique, and only over time, gradually coming to the realization that everyone around him is people like him, imprisoned in a cage of your own uniqueness. And friendship.. Friendship is the ability to have someone to share his solitude.

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