Crime of lord Arthur Savile by Oscar WildeIt is surprising how it is easy for person to inspire that everything in his life is already predetermined and he can do nothing with it, and it is necessary to him to obey the destiny which is foreordained to him only submissively.

People easily trust in predictions, it is so simple when your destiny is already painted, and you just go down stream and it isn’t even necessary to try, stars say what you did, all the same it will turn out quite so. That’s all, here also live to yourself, without thinking of how to construct the destiny, she let is under construction.

Young lord Artur of people in every respect dear. And the handsome, is also rich, and the bride at him fine… Generally, not the young man, and just a dream from a glossy cover from the Times pages. But on one of evenings to it up to a palm the chiromantist guesses. And what you think? Of course, prediction appears not from the best – lord Artur, this sweetest creation, in the future will become a murderer. Whether Vidano it? Yes same destiny under a slope, a wedding it is necessary to cancel, happiness in life won’t be, everything was gone, everything was gone!. It is necessary to finish off somebody and not to suffer! But murder – piece difficult, it is impossible to go and kill somebody just like that.

Besides, it is pretty difficult to cross line that separates the person from the murderer. But Artur, he for the sake of the good purpose does everything, for the sake of the happiness and the bride beloved. And all will understand him, and all will forgive him, and will even pat on the back and gingerbread will give. Here so one foolish prediction changes human life, overturning it upside down. If not prediction, then unless lord Artur would think of murder? No, he would think of the wedding, but not of murder of the aunt Clem or still which of the relatives in any way. Nevertheless as the human belief in any signs, predictions and other nonsense is strong. Predictions come true only because the reader begins to realize them, subconsciously or quite consciously as Artur.

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