Going-Postal-Terry-Pratchett Pratchett is generally one of the best authors, but most of all like reading his stories about the city of Ankh-Morpork – a conditional cycle about the Guardian, inventions and the city in general. Specifically, in this book, the magic goes into the background and our hero becomes the dexterous rascal Mokrist von Lipwig, whom Lord Vetinari decided to use in his own interests to restore the mail. Now the life of the postmaster is honest, but full of unexpected dangers and cunning competitors.


The whole book is literally imbued with the spirit of the most legendary post where the Postmaster walks in a gold suit and literally embodies the very same legendary god with wings on his sandals, hat and somewhere else (well, Pratchett can not be so serious), the statue of which once adorned, then the building of the post office. And now a simple (or not very simple) person, due to circumstances, has to restore all this magnificence.

Lord Vetinari is really a kind angel of Ankh-Morpork, but the fact that he received his basic education in the guild of murderers, so what kind of city are such angels. Now it is very interesting to read about the monetary reform, the beginning of which, without waiting for it, was put by a successful rascal.

Read worth it. Unless, if you start with this book, many moments will be incomprehensible. “Hold the brand!” It is connected with the rest of the cycle by the city and its inhabitants. Many familiar characters are mentioned in this book only in passing, but that’s what makes me happy. The jokes in the book are mostly good, but sometimes with them bust.


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