The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar WildeIt has for the first time turned out so that it is impossible to give a mark to the work. Not because everything is bad that even it is a pity for point but because this fairy tale was felt by some contradictory … Undoubtedly, it is very a pity for the Nightingale because has given the life for nothing. He donated her for the sake of Great Love, but love and it hasn’t appeared absolutely. The student who just sat and cried that in a garden near his house there is no red rose. And he in general has made something that to find this most red rose?!

Of course, it is much simpler to hang the empty pate and to mourn, make an effort … And, judging by his behavior, any love from his party there was also not, and the sacrificial Nightingale didn’t even try to make out it, and at once has rushed off to save the situation.

And daughter of professor? Give a red rose to her only to have an opportunity to dance with her, she already and roses hasn’t enough! Whimsical and changeable little girl! Yes, she definitely didn’t watch the movie “Girls” and doesn’t know also that she “on ten little girls statistically nine children”, then would definitely not throw away roses.

But what has turned out as a result of all narration? Efforts and victims in vain. But whether the Nightingale has been too blinded by the words of the Student? Why then has believed in what that loves from capital letter? That has even not walked further the garden in search of a rose, and has preferred to groan and be cried and in the girl he hasn’t made out her. Is it Lyubov? Whether this great feeling for the sake of which many go to death isn’t spared personal and others’, spit on friends, on the family for the sake of darlings? I think that on this question there is no answer.

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