The Celebrated CrimesFor history lovers, the book Celebrated Crimes true gift! In it the fates of individuals are intertwined with the fate of entire Nations, and revive the past customs and manners, superstitions and prejudices, extraordinary passion and raging desire. And is described as a genius in his genre – Alexander Dumas.

The book Celebrated Crimes is accurate and at the same time the artistic presentation of the curious criminal cases relying on historical documents (not the delusional fantasies of the author). To the modern reader it may seem a little constricted, a little dry, but the book is still fascinating.

The book Celebrated Crimes consists of 18 real-life stories occurred at different times. They are completely unrelated. They may not even really true. Because often in life it is difficult to understand what is true and what is misleading. Most likely Dumas told the official, most popular versions of these crimes. Although in history, there is always doubt, less well-known version and undiscovered circumstances.


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