Wyrd Sisters (Discworld Novel 6) by Terry Pratchett

The plot of the book “Wyrd Sisters” is known to all, read Shakespeare. The king killed the villainous death, the murderer sat on the throne, and the Prince and heir to the throne is hiding with a troupe of wandering actors. The story centers on the three witches, who generally do not interfere in worldly matters, because magic should not rule, but the new king is mortally offended them and now they go on the warpath, everybody hide!

Witches… their characters are bright, they are not similar to each other. There is a strong difference between the generations in education, thinking, and approach to business.

Oh, Granny Weatherwax.! This is one of the funniest and charismatic characters. But since the witches in Shakespeare had three, then hasten to acquaint you with her companions. The Nanny Ogg – a little cheeky, cheerful mother of many children and grandmother. It is surrounded by a Horde of relatives and keeps the cat gangster type named grebo (his adventure is an integral part of the plot). And Magrat Garlick young and inexperienced in every sense of the girl and the witch. In his youth his loves of various occult things. And with such witches we will have to plunge into the realities of the Diskworld.

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