The-Disintegration-Machine-Arthur-Conan-Doyle“The Disintegration Machine” is a book about the amazing adventures of Professor Challenger and his friends!

The characters that we know from past stories about Professor Challenger, could not even imagine that they will have to survive the adventure even more amazing than the trip to South America!

But the 27th of August there was something so horrible that forever made this date memorable day in world history. The earth became poisonous ether belt, rapidly, at a speed of million miles a minute, plunging into him deeper.

Knowledge and insight of one person created a small oasis of life in the midst of the terrible desert of death. But this last island is threatened with disappearance.

Correspondent Melone and Professor Challenger go on a visit to a certain inventor named Theodore Nemor. As it turned out, Namor created a device that can disintegrate anything, and even living organisms.

In the verification process, they disintegrated the melon and mocking the Challenger. In the end, the Challenger dezintegrare, obviously not going to collect again.

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