The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen KingA very controversial book in which are found both good stories and communicating works. Despite the title it contains not only horror, but a simple realistic stories and poems relating to the topic of death. Stephen King tried to give wholeness to the book, writing introduction about what each piece of his art is a commodity in a certain magic shop and, as such, treatment of the Creator to the buyer occurred more entry about my inspiration before each story.


But here’s the thing with the dealer, in my opinion, not played – he quickly disappeared from the pages, and the identity of Stephen king’s left. Moreover, the Preface integrate the stories far more than initially specified concept, they can find a cause for reflection on the meaning of reading, as well as clues about what might be hiding behind the metaphor of a horror. In addition, the answers to many instances serve similar themes and characters arising from subsequent stories thoughts. So, I’m permanently hung over, why is the bus in the same story called Peter pan, because it could not reconcile the image of eternal childhood, with the “other world” that opened its Windows to the main character.

Probably most of the stories – the history of some old people. And there’s definitely another hidden layer of the author’s personality. From the old monster king moved and turned overage characters in your prototypes. Why else would they all but such pretty, poetic and even the all-powerful? On collection you could even put the words “none of the old man in the book didn’t suffer”. Together with the transformation of the Central characters in grandparents the idea of death has become much softer, more natural, even next to love and destiny without becoming an evil killer.

Stories where the sentence is one of the strongest, but almost all of them are written like detectives. Especially in this plan pleased “The Death”, where the king very subtly plays on the faces of the decisions made so masterfully that many readers (as I noticed in their reviews) are bought for the trick of the local villain, swindler, along with unaccustomed to doing complex cases the Sheriff living in a quiet town, where very few deaths. The story is very saturated with psychology, because believing is emotions, because thoughts of the southern provincials very saturated with stereotypes and simplistic, and the execution of an innocent leads to overly rigid adherence to rules, in which thus much was lost to simplify things.

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