george-eliot-middlemarchThe book is wonderful, subtle, psychological, full of long-winded arguments about the finer nuances of human feelings, intentions and movements of the soul. Do not hesitate to bring in your favorite list and acquire for the home library at the first opportunity.

All this could write only a woman, and probably only women will be able to read with enthusiasm. The grain of the narrative is not in socio-political struggle of that time and not in the description of the “pious society of burghers,” says the abstract of 1981. First and foremost this is a book about love. In a huge volume of the novel is littered with love stories, messy, chaste, full of Victorian restraint and mutual unsaid. But novel still entertaining and has not lost psychological relevance.

Here a detailed description of the motives of decent, intelligent men who have chosen wives “charm, what silly” a gentle creature (in other words, self-centered fool), and later reap the bitter fruits of his act (and it was not necessary to treat women as cute, admiringly looking hand animal), and the love story of two noble, proud and demanding nature, passed through many difficulties because of the desire to a high and “sinless relations,” and the bright picture of family happiness, people who know how to accept, appreciate and support each other.

This item is no longer available in EPUBLIB due to one of the following reasons: It was deleted at the request of the rights holder or has been marked for deletion.


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