The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is great. From her obsession with cleaning could be a full-fledged neurosis, but it turned out calling. Let’s just face it. This method is not for everyone and not everyone needs it. Some do not need any techniques. They either found a way to maintain an acceptable level of order in your home, or never thought on the subject of searches of any of the methods.

The book is Marie Kondo for those who are annoyed by the number of things in the house and the clutter in the constant attempts to manage the storage of these things. It is for those who yearn for the simplicity, cleanliness and spaciousness.

Marie Condo did not offer to get rid of all things. Her method is exactly the opposite – to leave things, but only those that like that need, which is a pleasure. This is not austerity, this is hedonism in its purest form. You surround yourself with things you really like and it adds to daily life a little more joy. A place where you feel good, to have is especially important. We spend too much time at home, here is our life – private, family, and maximally relaxed.

She takes on a very different quality when living space is like. Besides, this approach largely solves the problem of storage. After a thorough cleaning, it turns out that you no longer need to think about how and where to store all that stuff you don’t need it. Particularly common seem to me thoughts of the Condo about the clothes. Wardrobe break, wear nothing. Naturally, because of this useless abundance will never understand what you have, and what is really lacking. Many a lot of stuff with defects: this fits poorly, the tired, with a third spot, and the fourth bought in the hype of sales and actually never was worn.

These things take the place of those which you actually wear. Nominally you have them, but do not perform their functions, creating only the illusion of a full wardrobe. About home clothes at a separate issue. I have long suspected that all of the stacks of homemade t-shirts I wear the top three and the rest just create the extras. Great idea about the vertical arrangement of things in drawers. I would have used, but I have no drawers, only shelves. One may speculate on the subject of folding socks, but when folded, they do take up much less space and look neater, not an example.

As for wasting time, here everyone decides for himself when to spend: in the process of folding or in the process of finding the right pair (or just two identical socks) in a disorderly heap.

«The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up» is a book about the transformation of residential space, about restoring order in its own attitude to things. Use what brings pleasure; to know exactly what you need; buy consciously; it is easy to part with things that has served its purpose – whether it is the way of the sea, all that is on offer and for sale?


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