Anna-Karenina-Leo-TolstoyAnna Karenina – beautiful novel about all the vicissitudes of love. Many know him as the product of adultery, but in the novel there are many other relationships.


The author of the first page into a deep family problems Oblonskys husband changed his wife, and as he suffers back the love of the spouses and the location. Throughout the novel interesting to watch this pair, and each page more falls in the eyes Stepan Abramovich, and more and more respect and sympathy is Daria Alexandrovna. On the woman went to all the hardships of family life: raising children, maintaining a home, and some management of the family budget. At the same time the husband already married feels free, he was also interested in women and secular entertainment, which goes not small money.

An interesting character is Konstantin Levin, his story captures. Young people live in the village, dreams of a loving wife, children and the simple life of the village peasant. It is not perfect, but a matter of respect. Constantine did not arrogant, working with ordinary people on an equal basis, but at the same time does not sit on your neck, cheat or outwit him. There is a sad note in his life, he was very in love with a girl who does not share his feelings. Catherine Shtcherbatskaya or simply Kitty is the girl, a beautiful young lady, but still naive. Although it broke the heart of Levin, not out of malice, her feelings to another were also rejected.

The main character of Anna Karenina – beautiful woman has a husband, a child and is very popular in the community. Outside her life dream, but if you look a little deeper into their family life, once it becomes bitter. Let it be admitted dishonestly in relation to her husband, her very sorry. Male – Alex, a high-ranking person, an important person in the country, his life – is the work. The wife and son of another job for him, which he considered successful. His character can be compared with a crust of stale bread, he does not feel love for his wife and son with them as strangers.

Another hero is Alexei Vronsky. His feelings flare up quickly and just as quickly extinguished. Whether Anna is free at the beginning, who knows if they would have lasted so long novel?

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