Crime-and-Punishment-Fyodor-DostoyevskyDostoevsky was a writer, which is understandable, but it is necessary to transform the way their brains and outlook, then that itself does not know. Dostoevsky recognized master of describing human nature and psychology of his characters. In this novel, the plot interesting, and through the two-chapter curled really here together with a full description of St. Petersburg and all the low places, if once will be taken to try to focus on the book by Dostoevsky, this guide.

But most importantly – it is the emotional background of the main characters. One murder has launched a chain of events that affected the fate of several people and the effects really make wonder. Dostoevsky – the classic literature genius in psychology and philosophy. In his Raskolnikov author I put a rhetorical question: “The creature I shivering or the right have?” The theory of Raskolnikov is the essence of the novel, the main characters of twins – and Luzhin Svidrigaylov- two different people, but they combine quality Rodion Raskolnikov.

The idea of purification through suffering in the novel runs like a red thread throughout the web. Raskolnikov, commit murder, tormented conscience. His care every detail, even when it was committed, he begins to experience even more, because the only way there will be purification of the soul from the contamination, there are times when there is no other way simply. Sonia Marmeladov suffering, but it helps to understand the essence of his Raskolnikov, because it is clean, obedient and without blemish, and Rodion long been just there because he had lost the meaning of life.

In this work there is no trace of romanticism, everything is as it could happen in reality, it is this work like the majority of readers.

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