Complete-works-by-Edgar-Allan-PoeNo other person, so that he could influence the minds of followers and at the same time go into the shadows. Go not at all, but only slightly leaving a small mention about themselves. His style is not so eloquent, his ideas are not fully thought out, he is like a mysterious phenomenon of his time. Edgar Allan Poe – a mythical writer. On hearing it, but I did not know his work. It seems that he wrote poetry. Certainly he wrote poetry. It seems that it was the ancestor By detectives. It seems to be. Has anyone checked?

In the hands of my message of Arthur Gordon Pym, carefully revised by Edgar Poe and presented to readers. Let’s see. Before us is a young man, it is surrounded by an unusual situation, comparable to paintings of Dali. Around him saliva dripping tiger walks. Man sitting in the hold. He can not get out. And on the deck of a ship at the time mysteriously dying people. The ship is wrecked. They can not be controlled. Nothing special. But the book with each page pulls more and more the feeling of animal fear. Seagull hatch eyes, eat the victim of ostracism, not even having time to really stab. This is reminiscent of Lovecraft. The same dark world, but without much mythologising, but with a strong underlying reason and much more understandable the events. Here Poe tells us about the ship as it floats like a grain falls out in the hold. Carefully paints life penguins, eagles and natives. What is not true? But Verne, Lovecraft and will do later. The same Conan Doyle, whose style is reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe, not for nothing is mentioned here.

Do not expect a thrilling read, allowed to yawn at times. This book is not entertaining event. It is serious as anything else. Message of Arthur Gordon Pym is full of despair once again reminds us of the transience of human shell, as it is impossible to influence independent of your power. The message about humility, about the inevitability. How not to live, but to live. They do not want to die, death awareness is not enough ever. How not to breathe under water, and breathe air not enough, and the shark viciously klatsat behind. Do you still want to make an unforgettable adventure?

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