Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – the lovely summer comedy, all magic and air, whether reality, whether a dream, whether was, whether dreamed. As always, at Shakespeare lovers quarrel, reconciled, everything comes to an end well, all are happy, the audience is happy. There was a wish to look at this story eyes of the modern reader, disregarding conventions of theater and without discounts for time of writing.

In a love quadrangle Germiya remains the only worthy character. Elena arrived meanly and no passionate love acquits her. And men… Well, males they also are. Went behind one crowd, will follow also another. And that to that the reason – sorcery or pheromones – what difference. Both equally disgustingly behave in relation to that which isn’t loved at the moment, and I on the place of girls still would think before connecting the life with such here characters. The same concerns also Titania.

If for the sake of a small whim her future spouse is ready to palm off on it a donkey and to tear tummies together with the friend – why to it such it is necessary? And Hippolyta should get accustomed to the increased cruelty of the groom. Though, it seems the girl without complexes too, and her such nuances don’t concern. So who remains? And the loveliest company of workmen of actors. Than Nick Osnova not the hero of the novel? The merry fellow and the good-natured person, as charmed fairies and got almost to fall in love. Or original director Peter Pigva? The thought will come not to everyone to mind to bring to the stage of the actor as the Wall.

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