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The Son by Jo Nesbo

The Son by Jo NesboGloomy October days are perfect mood for a new book «The Son» by Jo Nesbo, the famous Norwegian mystery writer. This is my first book of Jo Nesbo, although I have met many times in the recommendations of his series about Harry Hole. Not being a big fan of detectives, I put acquaintance with Jo Nesboдо better times. And did not regret — «The Son» captures from the first page and doesn’t let go of the reader until the very end. Sonny Lofthus, the son, escapes from prison in Oslo, where he spent 12 years — he is now 30. Curious escape doing what these 12 prison years he spent in a state of narcotic trance, thanks to the constant delivery of pure heroin from the outside.

In prison, he became something of a local Saint for prisoners. What confessions he had not heard. As one of confess, “if people claim that the guy can take on your suffering, then why not agree not to remove?”. And Sonny listened and shook their heads. Biography it interesting: Sonny’s dad when he was 18, shot himself, unable to bear the pangs of conscience — he worked for the gang. After that, the mother is a drunkard, and Sonny is addicted to heroin and in exchange for the drugs were ready for anything.

The character Sonny is the embodiment of conflict. The logic and psyche of a teenager (because in prison, he got 18 years, and the remaining 12 carried in a closed system with its own rules), he decides who deserves to live and who to die and how to die. He kills enemies intricate. Plus all this included superpowers that give him the advantage in comparison with ordinary people. The result is a ticking time bomb that could explode any wrong touch.

Despite all this branchy cranberry with guts and blood, meant to add authenticity, the world of the book “The Son” are sketchy and simple, the fate of the characters is predetermined from the outset. This does not mean that I knew what was going to happen next, but the events of the book fit into a certain pattern. The book I read, without stopping, immediately after the reading, I was excited, then after some time a slight disappointment. Perhaps the author succumbed to the influence of American cliches of thrillers, so the book left such an impression. However, you can read a book, just to expect something beyond your standard detective moves is not worth it.