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Name of eBook: The Song of Achilles
Author: Madeline Miller
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature
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The book «The Song of Achilles» is a heartbreakingly beautiful book, even though written in absolute accordance with the myths, therefore, nothing new in terms of plot can’t tell. Heartbreaking, because it is told from the point of view of Patroclus, from the beginning of life to death and even after. Achilles, Aristos Achaion, the greatest of the Greeks, through the eyes of Patroclus — his eternal companion and companion and, according to Madeline Miller, his greatest love. Probably, it increasingly struck me in the book humanizing the actors, which does not tolerate dry classic mythology: the narrative is saturated with love so strong that at some point I just gave up and allowed him to capture much of herself.

The book in the first place, of course, about love. Not the one that flares up suddenly, a flash, and the feeling of two people that grew and raised together, which has evolved from a friendship in the most natural way. And that I bribed – is the fact that in these respects they are equal. Patroclus loves Achilles with all my heart, but this love is not blind adoration. He perfectly sees all the flaws of Achilles, he has his own opinion, which he is not afraid to Express. He does not love the Prince and hero, and man. And all around are sure that Patroclus disowned by his father and who, in life, in General, but Achilles no one and nothing, no match for him. Deidamia surprised: what you see in him, Achilles?

It’s not beautiful, not musical, not skilled on the battlefield. Thetis at every opportunity reminds everyone that Patroclus is worthy of her son. Most people see Patroclus free application to Achilles (except Chiron, and perhaps Peleus understand the depth of those relationships), but the Achilles about Patroclus doesn’t think so. So, Patroclus. Patroclus Miller – not a warrior, this is an unusual interpretation, but to me, she’s here works well for the character. Around the middle of the book I began to feel that the hero is not Achilles and Patroclus that is, and in several senses. To be a hero, not necessarily be able to handle the spear and sword.

Heroism can be in kindness and compassion, humanity and moral principles, to help the wounded and trying to save as many captive women from rape by soldiers. And due to the fact that Patroclus – not a warrior, much stronger catches the moment when he, clad in the armour of Achilles leads the myrmidons into battle. No Achilles with his pride in that moment was a hero, and Patroclus, who knew that he has no place on the battlefield, but still made this choice.

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