Miguel-de-Cervantes-Don-QuixoteDon Quixote – one of the greatest works of world literature. The book reads rather difficult and long due to the abundance of really useful and clever ideas. The story itself is old adventure, read romances, and earn about this haunting depressive-mania. This Don Quixote is far from senile and that it impresses not only heroes of the book, but the reader. Arguing sensibly, unusual and interesting, he is able to win quickly enough. But it is necessary to hint to him about chivalry, like this happens insanity poor old man.

His companion Sancho Panza – farmer, talking mostly proverbs – is another story, which may take a few chapters. At its core – Sancho Panza is a jester with knight and his arguments in a serious tone knight making sounds quite funny. Over time, Sancho Panza learn more soberly assess the situation and talk to Don Quixote patters, confirming the rule – who lead the, from, and rack up.

It is recommended to read the book with interruptions, to reflect on every idea that will present author. Most of them you will meet for the first time. Due to the fact that in today’s world, we do not use them, or they have been forgotten, but still relevant.

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