Blood on Snow by Jo NesboIt is recommended to read the book «Blood on Snow» by Jo Nesbo after reading the book «The Son». Fairly simple, uncomplicated book. Although beautifully decorated words, like the Scandinavians. Forgot to add, and odd main character with the psychological hang-UPS. The book is a Thriller with elements of detective. The atmosphere is cold, loneliness reigns in every line. Despite the fact that the artwork fits the horror of the book, the makings still, he’s melodramatic.

A Hitman who’s the boss gives the task to kill his wife, but the world is not so simple. Feelings are beyond the control of even such a cold and calculating personality. The idea is the same. And the Airport gives the character a controversial nature, kind of like the killer, but he is supposed to sympathize with. Killer well, what’s the big deal, even if in the first person. Pfft. All we saw, it is necessary to be original. The impression that the novel is more likely for women due to its plot, and slightly romantic environment. Snow, blood, lepota, and described, as many enjoy. And this loneliness, hopelessness, and bribe the sadness.

Exactly the case when it is not horror, darkness with goosebumps, but just the touching and the penetration. This is not a minus, just a feature. The book is short, night. To impress really, the book does not have time because of the volume, but I read with pleasure the account of the curious main character and poetic syllable. Interesting, but sure not the best from the author.

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