Wintersmit-Terry-PratchettTerry Pratchett as always happy. Throughout the book you enjoy reading and thinking about how the author likes it, and how much more interesting is ahead.


With great pleasure, readers reacted to the continuation of the story of the little witch Tiffany Bohlen. She is still studying witchcraft, this time with Mrs. Verolomna. The witch is afraid of the whole district, not a single student has lasted her for as long as Tiffany. In fact, the little witch has very different problems – the spontaneous spirit of winter fell in love with her.

“Mr. Winter” created the right mood and the right atmosphere. This is a delightfully written winter fairy tale – in its own way dark, but warmed by Pratchett’s humor – that you should not tease Zimovei, you should not give yourself free, and if you are told not to take your eyes off the dancers and not move from the spot, letting yourself dance. Otherwise, you can inadvertently attract the attention of Zimoveya, and he will not let go of the stubborn witch …

Pratchett admirably combines in one text both mythological motives, and fine humor (perfectly beaten “Hammer of witches”), and the theme of witchcraft (in which there is less magic and more – simple knowledge of the world), and serious enough problems. In a word, Pratchett is still beautiful, Zimovei fascinates, and proceeding to the “Shepherd’s Crown” is scary, because it’s too painful to say goodbye to this world.


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