The-Whisperer-in-Darkness-by-Howard-Phillips-LovecraftLovecraft was an excellent visionary, but how the writer in this collection he hasn’t impressed me (or perhaps it is the translation I am guilty?). In the second, later, the collection of works of Lovecraft, the text became more smooth, pictures – more accurate, and stories began to resemble stories more.

But at the same time the text became incredibly predictable, and boring descriptions of the nature tired a little. Horrors, of course, too are present, otherwise it would be not Lovecraft, but long preparation with numerous preventions “through several pages will be terrifying for now we faint here, but you prepare” spoil all impression. The dramatic nature and an ostrosyuzhetnost aren’t added also by the fact that the narration is always led by the person who has definitely survived, has run away and has almost not suffered. So if you need an action – it is obvious not to Lovecraft.

But! To read, though it is heavy, but it is all the same interesting. Saturated mythology, monsters of all types and coloring, unknown creations come from all the cracks, squelch gills, stare unblinking eyes, feelers last, and it is wonderful, it for the sake of what it is worth reading Lovecraft. Besides, at the end of a few drive has added the description of a pursuit in “A trouble over Insmut”. And wonderful “Ridges of Madness” became the most real gift at the end of the book. Yes, they too a little predictable, but it isn’t important at all – so impress descriptions of Aged men and the ancient city. Other stories in the collection at the same time supplement an overall picture of the world created by Lovecraft so it is absolutely impossible to be sorry about read in spite of the fact that more than once I fell asleep over this book. I also am not sorry at all.

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