Waiting to Breathe by Alyson Reynolds Name of eBook: Waiting to Breathe
Author: Alyson Reynolds
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Romance Books
Available Download Formats: ePub, PDF, Mobi

The «Waiting to Breathe» by Alyson Reynolds Review and Quotes: Two weeks later, I was still wallowing in the misery of being away from Nate. At least Cora was talking to me again. It had been a long week of her ignoring me and mumbling under her breath. The only other time we had fought like this was in fourth grade.

She’d talked me into going into the coffee shop across campus. It had taken her calling Finn to see where Nate was before I would agree to go. When I found out he had went home for the weekend, I decided it was probably safe to leave our dorm. Caffeine was exactly what I needed.

Between her and Finn talking to me, I couldn’t stand myself. Neither of them came right out and told me I was being stupid, but I knew they were thinking it. I ran my finger up the seam of the paper cup, lost in my dark thoughts.