Valentine’s Rose by Dani WyattValentine’s Rose by Dani Wyatt – Free eBooks Download

Tanner Valentine first saw Rose Everhart in a flower shop where Rose worked as a florist. Tanner had just one moment to fall in love at first sight with a charming and beautiful Rose. His lonely heart previously did not know such emotions. From declarations of love Tanner protected the engagement ring on her finger, Rose. Mentally, Tanner envied the man who put a wedding ring on her finger, Rose.

Tanner didn’t know that Rose Everhart for quite a long time lonely and unhappy. She was not able to find that one true love, and is disappointed to find his second half. On her finger, Rose wore the wedding ring of his grandmother. The wedding ring was a reminder to Rose about his beloved grandmother. However, when Rose first saw Tanner, she also fell in love with him at first sight. Can two lovers find in themselves the will and the strength to confess to one another in love?


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