The life of the internationally known king Arthur is full of myths and legends. People have described his life according to various and every writer showed us his “Arthur.” This is the story by Jace Knowles in an accessible and entertaining form introduces the content of some of the legends about Arthur.

James Knowles tried to tell us the most famous stories about the legendary British king Arthur (V-VI century) and the exploits of his famous knights. The stories about the battles, about the customs and culture of ancient Britain, knightly valor, magic and, of course, about love.

King Arthur was able to unite the knights and the population of Britain. However, this process took a lot of time and effort. Often, king Arthur had to use unusual techniques to achieve your goal. However, with all this, king Arthur was always a man of his word and conscience.

First, the book was intended for children, but a book read with delight readers of all ages.

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