herbert-george-wells-the-invisible-manIf you look at the admissibility of invisibility to human eyes, the book of H. G. wells “The Invisible Man” has every right to display reality in the form in which it offers the reader a writer. It does not matter that now you can use the special devices, allowing to see the world in many other ways, wich far from human perception.

The person became available much of what makes the possibility of invisibility myth. If you just consider the text as a demonstration of the ability to become something more than people can afford, then the book of wells can be amusing narrative about the dignity and unique abilities.

The main character is a chemist. He found the right composition, which allowed his body achieve full transparency, but the body shape remained unchanged, causing the hero to experience problems: he can’t walk around naked in cold weather, walk barefoot in the city, eat in the presence of other people.

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