Washington-Irving-The-Legend-of-Sleepy-HollowReaders celebrate a special style of writing from the author. Irving presents the story of how the most authentic legend. It seems that you have not read the book and listen to the habitue of somewhere in the local tavern, which undoubtedly gives the product a special flavor. Also pleased with subtle irony that pervades the story. By skillfully combining sympathy for his own hero and constant banter over it though. And it must be said, just a terrific combination. If the biography of Columbus and Washington Irving’s written in the same style, I most certainly is familiar with them.

Sam Ikabot Crane, too, was a complete surprise. Most readers are familiar with this character because of the film adaptation of 1999, expect to see the image of the vulnerable and a bit of a closed knight in shining armor, a constable of the old New York. But it was not there. Book Ikabot turned parish priest, indifferent to gluttony, fearful to tremble at the knees and even a little conceited. Here is such a main character. But despite all these qualities, it does not cause hostility. Rather mild pity, as a consequence of its absurdity.

But Katrina Van Tassel is contrary conviction. Coquette and flirt it without pity or doubt heartbreaking rectory with the aim to keep a more interesting candidate for her husband – the big man Brom Bones.

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