James-Joyce-A-Portrait-of-the-Artist-as-a-Young-ManTen years to create this, at first glance, a simple, small in volume, reminiscent of something novel-education medieval European literature, novel. But at first glance. Ten years Joyce created a new form of the novel is stylistically and semantically, searched and experimented and combined very different styles: that’s the beginning of the novel in the style of Art Nouveau light – memories – puzzle in my head a little Stephen Dedalus;

Now the middle of the novel in a medieval-style classical Catholic preaching about the horrors of hell and sinfulness of man (as long as you read the icy horror slowly creeps into your mind and you want to strangle that their sins are not pollute the world – and how to listen to the sermon of a young and fledgling soul?) ; here’s a sample of the purest classical discourse on beauty, interspersed realism student life of Stephen.

The grand and innovative connection of the best classical models of text with modernity and ” stream of consciousness ” of the artist in his youth trying to find themselves and realize that there is in this world of beauty, the role played by religion in his life, and finally understand who you yourself and what do you want, where your soul seeks. History of Ireland from the early 20th century, the complex relationships of Irish Catholicism, rather, a religious ” rape ” young and fledgling shower pupils fathers Jesuits – that flogging punishment, and a ruler on hand, and terrible sermons on the deadly sins – all this in the breaking of the consciousness of Stephen Daedalus, who, like the mythical Daedalus, using wings slip, fly over the whitish fog Dublin, greens of Ireland and religious stagnation in their art of speech and define the aesthetic position of the artist – Joyce, further reflection finds its incredible ” Ulysses ”.

” A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man ” a grand portrait of introspection and search for yourself in the outside world, but separate from the world. Roman comprehension of his own life and his own soul. The realization that the essence of God comprehend and faith is not in the artificial umervschlenii flesh, that the spirit is fairly easy, if we have a strong desire and to the soul glowed with an inner light of beauty, filled like a bowl that light and gave their lights in the world .

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