The Glass Castle by Jeannette WallsThe book «The Glass Castle» by Jeannette Walls it’s hard to call it fiction. The book is more like a dispassionate reports from the battlefield. Maybe walls was easier this way to pull away a bit from the past, and maybe this is her usual writing style.

The author lavishes the reader with dry facts are always unpleasant. And individually, most of them not so frightening (even to good parents of small children often scald with boiling water, are lost, are abused abnormal or ridicule from peers), but all together really become hell and endless struggle for survival.

Surprised that social services became interested in the dysfunctional family once and so superficial. Although not the fact that in the orphanage they would have a better life. In terms of providing food and clothing by far, but they would be separated. Moreover, as is clear from the final part, the children did not hold a great resentment toward their parents, they just accepted and carried his cross. While the children were young, the family was almost the perfect relationship.

If you follow the logic of the infamous Poliany, even within the family walls, you can find something good. For example, the staying power of the character at all, except the youngest daughter. She just was unlucky in the fact that she was much younger than the other children, and thus deprived of the important benefits of protecting their truly responsible brother and sisters. But Lori, Brian and Jannett become successful people. Is it because since childhood learned how to live is not necessary and understand what to strive for? Although, of course, for that they had to pay exorbitant price.

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