The Ghoul Vendetta by Lisa ShearinThe book «The Ghoul Vendetta», authored by famous author Lisa Shearin, became a best seller in the genre of «urban fantasy». Hundreds of thousands of fans each day read this book and await the author of a new exciting novels. The book «The Ghoul Vendetta» by Lisa Shearin you can download in EPUB format or PDF. 

Review the book «The Ghoul Vendetta (SPI FILES #4)»: After a long period of searching, special agents find the thread, which can lead to the main villain of the book. To assist the special agents working the whole office of people with superhuman abilities. among them is a psychic, Fraser. Agents of supernatural protection and investigations (SPI) are forced to work round the clock to keep the balance of power, and to prevent the destruction of mankind.

All the activities of the special agents aimed at searching for the main villain werewolf, which is many thousands of years. Nobody has been able to survive after a meeting with ancient werewolf, his power has no limits and it seems no one can win. However, the Men in Black ready to put their lives on the altar of victory, and their determination has no boundaries!

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