The Bottle Imp by Robert Louis StevensonStephenson is used to perceiving many people as the author of two stories – the magnificent “Treasure Island” and the story of the oddities of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The writer, meanwhile, hammered the works into a whole five-volume edition. And this is not even his complete collection of works. Which will include this story-parable, telling about what can lead to our desires and dreams.

A man with a complex name Keave envied someone else’s beautiful life and bought from the owner of a chic house a bottle with a devil. “Horned” can fulfill any desires of its owner, in exchange for the potential opportunity to burn forever in hell after death. Avoid the terrible fate can only way – to have time before sending to the next world to pass the bottle to the next lucky one for a lower price. “Safety margin” when buying from Keave is available, and he agrees to the deal. But only at that moment he does not know how many more times fate will push him with the ill-fated bottle, and what will be at that time its price …

History, though beautiful, but content simple and, frankly, sluggishly stated. Nevertheless, the book became one of the fundamental works for subsequent authors. Just do not forget that this book became the basis of today’s thriller and detective. The book slightly resembles “Gifts of the Magi” O. Henry – the same motives of mutual self-sacrifice in the name of a loved one.

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