Raising-Steam-Terry-PratchettFor regular readers of Pratchett, this book awakens another masterpiece. Well, for those who have just begun to get acquainted with his work, welcome to the beautiful world. In this book, the same humorous Pratchett is felt, but his humor became somewhat different than in the other books, he became more sarcastic and sarcastic, less open and joyful. The reader laughs much less, although funny moments are remembered.


The plot of the novel is breathtaking, does not require knowledge of all the books of the Flat World – everything that one needs to know about this world, the author will explain in the novel itself. Also everyone likes Pratchett’s language and the fact that his novels can be found on the Internet in audio format, and sometimes even for free, as in the case of Snuff, which, by the way, is read with a beautiful English accent. It always impresses in the literature. Oh, the fact that the hero has a mode of invincibility the reader does not even say. For fiction, this is familiar.

What’s so good about Pratchett is that he makes fiction writers think about things he thinks are important. As, for example, the ratio of the right to justice and power. And can a policeman himself create the law if he considers it fair?

Many did not like that wordy Pratchett became less joyful, as many critics noted – “he’s aged”. Maybe it’s just a novel like this, maybe, indeed, Pratchett has changed – become more sarcastic, but this novel, just does not lose to his Christmas fairy tale and the rest of the books.

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