Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. HeinleinThe novel is divided into two parts: the first is a period of adaptation of the man from Mars, trapped in a strange environment: it is raised in other moral norms, does not understand that the good and bad that exists in the world the lie that people are able to live in strict hierarchical subordination and have free will and decisions that people are able to do for the benefit of themselves primarily not for the benefit of society.

He can say, lucky, because he gets to the end, in the hands of people incapable of a selfless decision, which he is only anthropological interest, no gain or desire to subdue their targets. And the first part he explores the world. Maybe somewhere here the author took a break, because then both the concept and the style and the story itself are changing. Mike discovers sex, happily goes out into the world, there is fun somewhere in the moonlight, but in the end, he did not think about money, they had a lot, so devoted to Vice and debauchery.

With one exception – homosexuals Heinlein does not digest, so Mike sleeps only with the opposite sex and his entourage periodically tells how it is vile and disgusting – homosexuality. But the sex, group and not very common, and when everyone is sleeping with everyone, when considered abandoned personal property and the personal in principle, then, no jealousy, no pain, no divorce, and the husband loves the wife and a bunch of women, and the wife loves her husband and a bunch of men – no one believes, not to fixate.

And will be all happiness and harmony, if everyone learned this simple truth. But people are evil, cruel and vile, so the Messiah must be defeated, torn to pieces and not heard, and the rest of the apostles tries his cult to maintain.

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