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Review the book «Rough & Tumble (HAVEN BROTHERHOOD #1)»: Good food, loud music and his family all around him. Or more accurately, his family and his wife. Jace braced his booted foot on the rung of Axel’s chair beside him and kicked back in his chair. Even through the music’s pounding bass, Viv’s happy hoots and shouts hit Jace loud and clear from his table to one side of the dance floor. Her Levi’s and black tank were way more sedate than the other women preening through the Bellagio’s trendy bar, but not a one of them held a candle to Viv.

Damn, but the woman could move, her hands cocked above her head, eyes closed and head swaying with that wild hair of her loose on either side. And those hips. If she kept that shit up much longer, their post-wedding party was going to be mighty damned short.

Trevor rounded the table on his way back from the bar and waved at Sylvie and Ninette, both dancing off all the excited energy they’d built prepping for Viv’s surprise getaway.