1984-by-George-Orwell1984 – the name of the next works of George Orwell, published in 1949. This Roman is dystopia, written in the author’s characteristic literary language. From the very first lines, this book immerses readers in times of political regression into the world of great changes after you have not forgotten the terrible events of the great war. This new generation where the word “democracy” had disappeared in the gunpowder massacre that suit the superpowers with only one purpose – to take global leadership on the constant control of power. The author demonstrates the demonic pain of a social society, where the chances of exercise are the vital feelings, as love, self realization and protection of personal dignity are equal to zero. Any disobedience, such as the betrayal of a political party, means the death, without any litigation and unnecessary conversations.

The protagonist of the book “1984” went against the system. In George Orwell’s novel we see the campaign of one person against a ruthless system. This was facilitated by two opposite feelings – love and hatred. A girl whose world views converged with the views of the protagonist, and hatred, combined with the aversion to all that surrounded him, from the destroyed world, and ending with the methods of totalitarian rule, “Big brother”. How big is the fear of being seen for disobedience to the higher ranks and the rules? Who can you trust your feelings, and from whom there is the possibility surreptitiously to “a knife in the back”? Despite the closeness with danger, the characters in the novel George Orwell had to make a responsible step is to go into the unknown, which can lead anywhere.

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