The Road by Cormac McCarthyThey go together, Father and Son, for the world that no longer exists. Just walking, trying to find something, or just to go, how to live simply. There is no peace, everything is destroyed, people there are very few. And those who remain are divided into good and those who eats other people.

Father and son.. they go looking around, hiding, looking for food. Looking for the meaning… But really, if it’s hopeless, how can I find hope? I guess even the hopeless have hope. Man is so created that he hopes.

Father lives, because the Son is alive. The son lives, because he’s very good, because he said that was created in order to care for others. The father knows what it means to survive, but the Son knows what Kindness is and how to regret, to sympathize, to empathize, even when I feel bad. Peace begins with a Good Heart, with netcashusa with those with whom inseparable of Hope for those who love this world and life, even when it all dies. Cannibals, angry and desperate, too, can somehow survive, but the world they will not start, will not happen to, they will just shadow, and will only destroy.

Here, such extraordinary scenery, grey world, everything is destroyed, people who are alienated, abandoned houses, household items and interior. All empty, lost, just a reminder that life was. And she was beautiful. About the causes of death in the world says nothing, clearly, not radiation, but apparently this is not so important. It is a novel about the meaning of life, that this meaning is always there, and it is in that Light that still burns in the Hearts of people. Even if it is smoldering, it can still be kindle.