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The theme of the domineering mother sounds debut novel Gail Honeyman – «Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine». However, the book is not about that. Thirty years Eleanor leads a monotonous existence: work in the office on weekdays, vodka, pizza, talking to my mom on the phone this weekend.

Eleanor think she’s «Groundhog day». Each week is similar to the previous, all the events are repeated. At some point it seems that Eleanor herself accepted what was happening, and stopped fighting to somehow diversify his life. However, the author makes an unexpected turn in the life of Eleanor.

Fate unexpectedly brings her to two have not found their place in the society — Raymond, computer specialist, and an elderly gentleman, Sam and Tom. Since then, the life of Eleanor changed 180 degrees. The creators of the series have noticed this story about how love and friendship can turn a person’s life into something wonderful.

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