Rise of the Alpha by Jessica Snow«Push!» the doctor said as Kristina bore down. She was surprised. She didn’t think it was going to be this hard after talking with Kimberly Waldwyck over the past ten months. She’d gotten to know her well, and while they would never call each other sister—their respective roles in their clans prevented that—she did count the other Alpha Female as a close friend.

So close, in fact, that she’d sent her own personal doctor from Clan Lockwood up to make sure that the second Aklark-Lycan delivery went as smoothly as possible. Not that things were quite as easy with hers. Apparently, there were some structural differences between Aklark women and Lycan women when it came to delivering babies.

Kristina pushed again, sweat dripping down her forehead, and in a rush, it felt as if the pain swelled to nearly unbelievable levels. I can’t!
Yes, you can, Magnus replied, his own face dripping in sweat as he tried everything to keep their link active despite her pain and stress. I saw the head crest that time. One more!

Kristina bore down, screaming in effort as she felt her first child born, and she sagged back, panting. “You’re wrong,” she gasped at Magnus, grinning despite the continued pain. “Now, there’s one more.”

Magnus laughed softly and held Kristina’s hand as she bore down again. Ten minutes later, there was another cry in the air as Kristina gave birth to her second child, and the hard part was done. Lying back, she watched in wonder as her twins, a boy and a girl, were brought over to her and laid on her chest. “Katrina and Timothy,” she said, feeling the tiny weights in her arms. “How’d you two make so much fuss when you’re so small?”

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