Bound in Eternity by Milly TaidenAvery rushed down the hall. Okay, rushed wasn’t the right word. She padded quickly but stopped every few moments when little Rylee squirmed in her arms. The baby didn’t enjoy her sleep time being disturbed, but Avery had missed little Noah’s first birthday two months ago, when she and Jae had been on their honeymoon.

They’d decided to have a small ceremony in New York on Jae’s yacht over a sunset cruise of lower Manhattan. It had been beautiful to do in spring. But leaving right after to their honeymoon in Thailand meant she didn’t get to enjoy little Noah’s big day. She’d been dying to see the big portrait Morgan had ordered of Noah from a professional photographer.

It was amazing how big that castle was. The more she walked with her chunky bundle in her arms, the more she realized she was in for a hell of a lot of exercise. The place was massive. They were all able to have giant suites there and still not bump into each other unless they chose to. Or by chance, which happened a lot when they all went searching for coffee in the kitchen every morning.

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