Brutally murdered two families. All the evidence suggests that the killer is crazy, and these frames are the hardest to track.


It must be stopped, for it is evident that following the crime is not far off. Jack Crawford turns for help to the FBI investigator will Graham, who like no one else penetrates the minds of criminals. He left the job after meeting with Dr. Lecter, but to refuse help was not able. Will begins to take in the nature of a red Dragon and meets his own demons.

Dr. Lecter smiles at him from his cell. We’re the same, you and I, isn’t it, will? But Graham does not give up and continues the journey to human madness. In order to stop the red Dragon – before it’s too late. From the book was not to break away. The investigation described great. Experts, methods, analyses. Forensic science, medicine, and psychology. The author doesn’t overload the reader, but rather expands his horizons.

What else could be the danger? The dialogues are sometimes too sketchy, it’s true, readers don’t like. The short exchange of remarks is present in the book in large quantity, but however the characters are amazing live, well unless it is painted a little brighter than mere mortals. All beautiful, of course, Hannibal Lecter. Readers at first sceptical of the hype around him, but the bastard is really beautiful, as well as its invisible relationship with will Graham.

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