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Name of eBook: Orange is the New Black
Author: Piper Kerman
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature

How to live in a women’s prison? About this tell Piper Kerman’s  book «Orange is the New Black». The author of the book, she is the narrator and main character, Piper Kerman, a girl from a family of lawyers and doctors, graduated from Smith College in 1992 and found that life is surprisingly boring. She meets a woman older than her, and she almost immediately recognized that is a member of an organized criminal group, and transporting drugs. Piper does not believe in the beginning, and then decides that it’s just «awesome». Nora, the name of the woman, Piper engages in a cycle of events. They start Dating and live together.

Piper, 22 years old, and she thinks it’s all very exciting, not really thinking about the consequences. Nora takes Piper with him to an unexpected trip to an exotic country in Europe. They live in five-star hotels, buying fancy clothes — all the money from the drug trade.

In addition Piper directly involved in operations of money laundering. She carried in her suitcase 10 thousand dollars from Chicago to Brussels.

The reason why she decides to break off the relationship with Nora, remain vague, but a year later, Piper went to San Francisco and starts life with a clean slate. She met with Larry Smith and together they moved to new York. Everything is going great. Until one warm may day 1998 at her door by two officers and told that she is called to court on charges of drug trafficking and money laundering.

Because of bureaucratic delays, she will go to jail only in 2004. Will condemn her for fifteen months. And in 2010 she write this book with memories.

The book is rather a collection of individual sketches than a single narrative. The author describes events chronologically, but the story is fractured into pieces. The book is written in simple language, I would not say that they received the pleasure of reading, rather, I had to force myself to read. Herself the heroine of the book I did not like.

Piper Kerman

Piper Kerman

From the beginning of incarceration and it directs the flow of visitors. Her fiancé Larry goes to see her every week as her parents, and her many friends can’t wait their turn, when they could see her. She sent almost every day books, magazines, Newspapers and letters, on her prison account of Larry she immediately moved a considerable amount. In parallel, Piper describes how most of the surrounding women prisoners are rewarded with a rare visit and very happy about it. I have the impression that she was taking all this support for granted.

The common thread in the narrative is the idea Piper that she is a white woman, a beautiful blonde, a representative of middle class, educated, groom her intellectual and all of her friends to be extremely unusual and creative people. Each time describing a new character, the author says — no, you don’t think, I’m not a snob, I don’t look at skin color, but for example this woman is uneducated and grew up in a bad neighborhood, and her children are also likely to go to jail. Every time the author gives us to understand to which class they belong to present us a woman (white, black, asian) how she was educated, where she grew up and lived, who her parents were and whether she had used drugs.

Piper admits that repeatedly used the privileges that were granted because of her skin color and hair. She was allowed to call my family, but by the rules it is forbidden. Her to make concessions and help. And it’s all from the authorities of the prison, not prisoners. It is openly spoken out loud and it operates.

In the prison among prisoners is also a thriving division by nationality. White people living in isolation, as well as African Americans, Hispanics. All others live together. The first day of the Piper in jail, she was approached by every white woman and offered to help, asked what she wants out of things. According to the author, the same happens regarding the beginner of any other nation.

In General, a book to read curious. To find out what is prison life, what food they eat and how sports. Yes, every day Piper ran outside or went to the gym!

Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman
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It is interesting to compare how different the series is from the book. The differences are significant, for example in the series from Piper and Alex (as in the TV series called the Hole) in prison a whirlwind romance. In reality, Piper has not seen Nora for almost your entire life, and only at the end of several weeks they met in jail in Chicago. And I was upset how the creators made the series vulgar. I understand that sex sells, but the amount of sex and aggression, which they added in the movie, the book is not even more so. It is a pity that they’re so far from the original.


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