Since childhood, Mallory McCabe has dreamed of falling in love with a hero. And then one saves her life. He’s honest…and blunt. Deadly, but filled with pain. Overpowering, yet ever so gentle with her. Oh yes, she’s found her hero. Taking him to her bed is simply…right. As is losing her heart.

How could she have known he’d want nothing more to do with her?

His indifference hurts. She vows to forget him…then he buys the land next to hers.

Released early from prison, all Sawyer Ware wants is to put his life back together. His police detective brother houses him while he makes plans. But when a violent gang targets his brother, Sawyer puts his future on hold. He’ll have to take on the gang first. After a decade as a Navy SEAL, he won’t–can’t–walk away if someone he loves is threatened.

His mission is likely to prove bloody. He sure can’t afford to get involved with a woman, especially his captivating neighbor. He hungers to be near her, to enjoy her clear laugh, her easy friendship, and the peace she brings wherever she goes. A relationship is absolutely out of the question.

Why won’t his heart obey orders?

A quote from the book: Master of Solitude by Cherise Sinclair

Spring had come to Bear Flat. Although the higher elevations were still snow-covered, in Mallory’s valley, poppies and lupines brightened the meadow. Near Sawyer’s cabin, Mallory breathed in the sun-warmed air and glanced at the text that had just come through on her phone. “Almost there. What’s with all the cars?”
Almost there. Yes!

She tilted her head, hoping to hear horses, but the rushing creek was filled with spring run-off and drowned out any noise from hooves. Shielding her eyes from the bright sun, she looked toward the south where the winding trail there met up with another coming from the west.

Last winter, Sawyer and the Mastersons had worked out a route from Sawyer’s mountain ranch down to Hector Ware’s new spread in the foothills where the horses had wintered. There. She saw movement. A flash of metal. Finally, a long string of horses and riders emerged through the blooming white dogwoods at the forest’s edge.

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