From-the-Corner-of-His-Eye-by-Dean-KoontzGenre books – mystery Thriller. When just starting to read the book at some point there is a feeling that reads Stephen king’s: a description of the average small provincial American town, which is about to happen something terrible.


Expectation grim atmosphere throughout the art, heap psychopaths, the absence of unambiguously positive heroes. That’s why you expect a detailed description of the nightmarish killers, the sea of blood and guts on every second page. And, of course, the killer receiving boundless pleasure from the murder and crime scene. But the feeling was wrong.

First, the atmosphere of the book is far from gloomy. The book was very bright, full of sadness, but not without hope for the future, love for others. And all the time does not leave the feeling that sooner or later good necessarily triumph over evil, but so that it does not set foot on his path, resorting to the instrument of evil – murder. And this book is imbued with the aroma of beautiful homemade cakes with all kinds of fillings-pies, which regularly bakes Agnes, and then treats them all. By the way, it is the image of the cake is ideal to demonstrate how the author managed to create an unusual book, using not the most original story lines and types of characters.

So, below is a recipe for writing the original Thriller Dean Kunz. The main ingredient of almost any pie of any book is the confrontation between good and evil. And this is Agnes, she’s a Lady-Pirogenic, main purpose in life which is to share your inner light with all others.

Maria, an immigrant, neighbor Agnes, that she teaches English. After Joe’s death, Mary became the first “outsider” of the family. She was always close to Agnes, strongly supporting it. Joe, Agnes’s husband, is also a classic “positive” ingredient and, although he dies on the front pages, his presence is felt until the end of the book.

Followed by a range of positive characters: Celestine take on the responsibility for the sister who died at birth; her parents – the priest is Harrison white, whose preaching is a thread that runs all through the work; his wife grace. Agnes brothers, strange autistic twins, absorbed in thoughts of various catastrophes and cataclysms. Lawyer, who received a large amount of money, which tortured conscience and many others.

This is followed, it would seem, quite far from the original type – detective Thomas vanadium, obsessed with the idea at any cost to stop the main villain. But later it turns out that it is not enough that Thomas is a priest who temporarily deviated from his duties in order to help triumph of justice. He, like children, is the “carrier” of unusual abilities.

And the main ingredient are two wonderful unusual child prodigies who were born approximately at the same time: Barty, who lost his eyes in three years, but not lost their presence of mind and the angel, which became for him for many years through the eyes of our world. They tie everything seemed to be not related to the storyline. The most unusual ingredient in the “pie”, which prepared for us Koonz, is our villain – Enoch Cain Jr., a maniac who killed many people.

By the way, the thoughts of a maniac, the reasons for its actions are described so skillfully that at some point the reader catches himself thinking that, to some extent, understand why he must kill a man.

But the main feature of our villain is not this. Remember how we used to see maniacs and murderers in different books and movies? As a rule, this inhuman, immoral, devoid of any ideals and values of the humanoid being, the only way to get pleasure and enjoyment from life for which is to hurt others and murder.

What is Cain Jr.? This is a handsome man who won a lot of women’s hearts. He is interested in literature and contemporary art. And he is no stranger to humanity. But the most unusual thing about this villain is that he feels an aversion to sadism in a literal sense with all your body (that attack uncontrollable vomiting, the diarrhea, the appearance of acne. It is the combination of incongruous in the image of the villain and is the “twist” in the book of Koonz. Well, as a seasoning, the author uses the explanation of psychic abilities of some heroes with the help of the theory of parallel worlds and quantum physics. Result. The book definitely deserves attention.

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