The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett, Stephen BaxterThe book «The Long Earth» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author’s of the book are Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. This book I found the recommendations to my Goodreads shelf of books in the genre of science fiction (scifi). When I read the abstract on the website, I must say she had me stumped. A private, 1916, forest and birds, and 2015, Madison, police Monica, who came back from the investigation, and there’s these things called stepper, to travel between the worlds, Oh yeah, the worlds a lot of the same! So, just the way I had. And more news: there are people who can move between worlds without any device.

And now decide whether you want to read this book or not. Fortunately, I have not read reviews on Goodreads to the book. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have it and start to read. Someone is unhappy with a story, someone just couldn’t finish it. But I just started and I liked it.

Although I love science fiction, to my shame I must admit that no Terry Pratchett or Stephen Baxter did not read. But this is not the first and not the most popular of their work. Normally do these authors write separately, it’s just the joint creation, by the way, first.

So the book is The Long Earth I’m not perceived as “Pratchett has written a new book! You have to read!”, but as a “Oh, interesting book!”. Because those readers, who was the principle style of the first or second author, judging by the reviews left disappointed.

The book is characterized by the presence of many characters who are related to each other indirectly. The most ordinary annotations, Percy Blakeney becomes involved in a plot closer to the middle of the book, although the descriptions of his adventures the book starts. And there are a lot of branches. A typical manner of authors: to throw a long spinning rod with description of a new character, and heads that way through the heels to return to him. Meanwhile the reader will wrestle with what all this meant. But if you relax and surrender to the will of the current, the book is very enjoyable. Living language, sometimes even a humor in the dialogues.

As is often the case in science fiction, on the basis of a fantastic story, the authors raise social issues, sharp and painful. So here, people found a reason to split up and labeled, especially behave aggressively those who feels deficient/restrained, as well, it always happens. This in fact was the reason for sudden plot twist in the end of the book, almost at the last 5 pages (I read the electronic edition from kindle, so I can only roughly guess how much it was in the paper pages).

The authors have already written a sequel, The Long War, which on Amazon is not less dissatised comments than the first part. However, the attentive reader of my reviews have realized that to rely on the opinion of the masses in review books a bad job.

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