How to look at a painting by Françoise Barbe-Gall epubThe book «How to look at a painting» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author of the book is Françoise Barbe-Gall. The author divides the picture into several themes, they are the same Chapter: simple observation of reality, contemplation of perfection, the analysis of the distortion of the real world, understanding the intricate, to overcome the shock of the first impression, a dive in the tenderness of the picture.

Translation the more or less successful, they are really confusing and sound. Within each theme, the author examines the paintings from the simple to the complex. I started with, that found their favorite artists, and read the reflections of the author about their works, then read all the rest.

First, the format of the book seemed unusual, but then I was hooked. The author describes the first impression of the picture, she believes it is the right thing. Then deeper into the picture, explains that it was typical for the time loved to paint the artist, who is depicted in the picture. If it’s mythical or religious character, we read who he is and what he has done. The description format is the meditation on the theme of the picture. Good idea about “meditation” can be found at the link. When reading from time to time we have to go back to the picture. At the very end we see a brief background — who is the author of the picture than he is known for a painting technique where the picture was painted. Not forgotten, and iconography.

Rather, the book shows how the need to perceive the painting, gives a clear instruction how to describe a picture. First impression of the work and should guide us, guide the perception of our senses, do not be too much to rationalize. I book gave the opportunity to look at many times seen the work from a different angle, and to read new using the technique of the author.

Suggest those who have a keen interest in art, but who would like to learn a little more. Hardened critics of this book, I’m afraid, will not bring such joy as we, ordinary spectators. They all already know, and can not much agree with the approach of Francoise. The book is also a great gift to art lovers…


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