les-miserables-victor-hugo«Les Miserables» – the famous novel of Victor Hugo about good and evil, about people in general and about the difficult life path of the individual. The work itself almost calls to protect the oppressed people. It seems that if you remove social inequality, the struggle against which heroes should defeat, that things will get better, the evils will disappear, evil will be defeated and good will triumph in each human being and in the whole world.

However, all is not so simple, romantic illusions sooner or later will crash, but suffering and injustice will not disappear by waving a magic wand. A great work about life! Here are the lyrics, dirt, love, revolution, friendship, trials, devotion, separation, joy, forgiveness, and pain, pain, pain…

«Les Miserables» takes over the living and not let go until the last page. This drama of life will not leave anyone indifferent. The novel contains many philosophical and historical digressions.

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Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
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The novel depicts the Paris of the nineteenth century, full of accidents of broken destinies. And who is to blame? No doubt, the author tells of the evil principle in the human soul and judge why this happens, which lay rotten the society is not in layers, but on the shelves.

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